Battle Scars

There are only a few that know this about me. What I am about to say will come as a huge shock to those that have known me for years. During my middle school years it was hell for me. My dad left me when I was 12 years old for selfish reasons. At 13 I developed bulimia and I began to self harm at 13. I used to cut my wrists and my thighs. I pulled my hair out as well as bang my head against the wall several times. I tried to kill myself five times because of the pain of not having a father figure. With the encouragement of my counselor I stopped cutting on October 8, 2012. I joined jrotc (junior reserve office training corps) in high school to rebuild my life because by the time i entered high school I was on the wrong side of the road. Now the senior aerospace Science instructor in jrotc is like a father to me. Through the years that I have been a cadet he was there for me through the pain and joy I’ve faced. Jrotc saved my life and I am forever grateful.

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