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don’t think you can stop? THINK AGAIN!!!

… one day i relized it got very serious and told my best friend. she talked to me and tried to help. at first i thought she hated me for it. i learned she was just worried. she got me to tell a youth leader and then i eventaully told my parents. it was the scariest part! they were very understanding. i know that can be a scary part but it turned out to be the easiest! they talked to me and i was put in counciling. my counciler was so kind and understanding it was amazing. due to these steps, today on july 13th 2012 it has been 88 days since i last cut. i urge all the time but am able to fight. i know it sound scary to tell a a friend or parent but it will help…. i am telling you that you can stop and you can do this. you are not alone….

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