As part of a collaboration between the University of Guelph and McGill University, we are a non-profit outreach initiative providing information and resources about self-injury to those who self-injure, those who have recovered, and those who want to help.

You Are Not Alone



Your Stories, Your Quotes

If you have a personal story or quote about your recovery, or words of encouragement you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it. Click here to drop us a line.

“Tell someone you can trust, someone who won’t laugh at you; tell your teacher or a counsellor. I know it seems like they are oblivious to what we go through but there’s a really good chance they will understand (they may have gone through similar stuff when they were younger). Let your heart reach out and you’ll find peace.”

“Self-injury will not define me. What I do from now on about self-injury will define me.”

“Like everyone says, self-injury urges are part of recovery. I haven’t cut in 10 months. I still get urges from time to time but the time between them gets longer. It gets better if that makes sense. Keep fighting everyone, you’re doing well”

“Self-injury is not worth it. You are. Hang in there. Believe in yourself. You are strong, beautiful and YOU will get through this.You can and will get through this.”

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President & Clinical Director, SAFE Alternatives


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