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don’t think you can stop? THINK AGAIN!!!

… one day i relized it got very serious and told my best friend. she talked to me and tried to help. at first i thought she hated me for it. i learned she was just worried. she got me to tell a youth leader and then i eventaully told my parents. it was the scariest part! they were very understanding. i know that can be a scary part but it turned out to be the easiest! they talked to me and i was put in counciling. my counciler was so kind and understanding it was amazing. due to these steps, today on july 13th 2012 it has been 88 days since i last cut. i urge all the time but am able to fight. i know it sound scary to tell a a friend or parent but it will help…. i am telling you that you can stop and you can do this. you are not alone….

I’m getting better…

I’m getting better. Having not cut for 3 months is a big deal for me. I do miss my razor sometimes but then I look at how misruble it made. How it made things worse. I’m not happy yet but I have to say I am not that depressed as I used to be. If you are a person reading this who SI’s, know it gets better. It takes time. It isn’t going to be easy, but stay strong. If I could do it you can too. Best of luck to everyone who wants and is getting better. I really wish all the best for you!!

We can overcome this together!

There is such a terrible stigma around self-injury, because so many people do not understand it – but I do, and there are a lot of us who do. You are not alone. I began engaging in self-injury when I was 15 years-old. I wanted to stop the emotional pain, and the physical pain was not only a distraction, but it provided me with immediate relief. However, the relief was only temporary and did not allow me to deal with my problems in an effective manner. I continued to harm myself for 9 more years as a way of coping, and finally got the help I needed years later. I am happy to say that I have not harmed myself in over 5 years, and can’t even imagine ever thinking of doing so again. There is always hope, for every single one of us, and we can overcome this together!

Think ahead…

Growing up I was a cutter but back then there was no name for it…I needed to cut to help me deal with the emotional pain that I could not handle. The physical pain was so much easier. I did it on and off for years and what made me stop was my children. When I got pregnant, the thought of my kids seeing my scars and asking me about them or worse yet, becoming like me scared me into stopping. It made me find another way of dealing with the pain. It was challenging at times but worth it. It is possible, there are ways. My kids are everything to me. When you find that something then hang on to it.

I remember

I remember what it was like, what it was like to self-harm. I remember what it was like to feel all alone. I remember what it was like to hate myself. I remember how said it was.

I remember it but I won’t ever go back. You can stop self-harm. You can stop and move on. Believe you can. I believe you can.

u can beat this…

just wanted 2 say that i think u can beat this…i stopped about a year ago and remember thinking id never stop…thx 4 listening xo

Getting there…day by day

I’ve been SI free for about 3 months. I’d be lying to you if it has been an easy road (and trust me there have been some setbacks!) but day by day I’m getting there… 🙂

Remeber when you didn’t cut

So, my counsellor and I decided to write down the times I wanted to cut but didn’t. I couldn’t believe it. There were actually times when I felt urges but didn’t give in. Sometimes urges are so powerful but knowing that I don’t always give in gives me hope…I hope it does for you too! Good luck guys! I think we can do this!!!!

Life after SI

I used to think I couldnt stop that I’d always SI. With the help of a good friend and my counsellor I learned I could overcome SI. It wasnt easy…trust me…it was really tough at times and I had times when I’d do it again…but thats normal. Everyone has setbacks. But you can do it. You can beat this. WE can all beat this…best wishes to u all! xo

What I say to self-injury

You were a such a very big obstacle in my life…I relied on you to take my pain away…but now…. I have over come the obstacle…I recovered… & now i no longer need you.