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anything is possible

I tend to get very attached to celebtrities that are inspiring. One of my favorite singers is Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive)are his two bands and one thing that he has always reminded his fans is to “Take your passion and run with it; anything is possible.” And from that quote I took the anything is possible, because it is. I have been through tough times in my own life, but I can tell you that recovery IS possible and you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself. So just remember when you are having a bad day, week, month etc. just know that you will be able to get through it.

i am alive

I’m over a year clean and even though I’ve made it this far that doesn’t mean I don’t get the want, or need sometimes. But I’ve learned something, something that’s kept me from giving in or giving up. I am bigger, better, braver. I am bigger than the want to cut, I am better than how I may feel sometimes, and I am brave enough to talk about my problems. I am still here, I am still breathing, I am alive, so let me live.

never forget

things used to be at a point where i decided to self-harm , and to become unaware of all the people there for me , i was never alone , deciding to stop self-harming was an emotional thing at the time but i decided change was the best , change is the key of everything , love, laugh and live happily (: we should cherish all the good and just know that everything does get better , if you self-harm let a trusted adult know, its never late to stop , people love you , never forget

scars and healing

You can see a scar and see hurt. But I prefer to look at my scars and see healing.

recovery process

Urges and relapses are going to happen, they are a part of the recovery process. The point is to make the amount of time between the relapses longer until the urges are no longer there.

stay strong…you’re amazing

I struggled with depression and self harm for years. I met a guy and we started dating(still are). at an early age of 13, I became pregnant with his child. When I was 3 months pregnant, I had a miscarriage. the day we found out about the miscarriage, my boyfriend and I both promised to never cut again because we knew our baby would be looking down on us from heaven. it’s been 4 months since then, and we’re both doing great. we thank our little angel and each other for helping us move on from this stage in our life. although my story most likely isn’t relatable to many of you, my point is that if you find the right motivation, you can promise to stop cutting or self harming and never look back. I know it sounds crAzy now, believe me. but if you stay strong and hold on, taking life a day at a time, or even an hour at a time , things WILL get better. good luck and stay strong all of you lovely people. You’re amazing


I self harmed for about 6 years, it started off because I always thought I wasn’t good enough, then when I got older my best friend had killed himself, since that day it made me realize that if I were to kill myself I wouldn’t only be hurting me, but hurting every one else. I couldn’t believe that I could possibly put my loved ones through that awful pain. so I started changing my ways, every time I felt the urge to self harm. I would go out and long board, or call up one of my friends to hang out. and soon enough I wasn’t thinking about it all the time. and I felt great.(and my skin was looking great!). since that time I haven’t self harmed or even thought about it. that would be about 3 years ago. and I couldn’t be happier.

it gets better…

I still remember when i found this site, i read all these stories about how it gets better and how good some people where doing and i thought some day that might be me.
Now I’m here, over 200 days clean without any self harming. I’m breathing and I’m alive. It gets better.

you WILL find strength

i’ve been clean of SI 6 months. I’m so proud of myself for being clean this long, i finally realized the ugly scars aren’t worth it, i’ve told the negativity in my life to bounce. i still get urges but they won’t over run my strength as a person, as a person who has a right to be present on this planet. but even though i’ve stopped, people will always stare at my scars no matter what, some even point them out or comment about them because scars show a sign of weakness. you can overcome this because you WILL find strength.

don’t isolate yourself…

I have not injured myself in 3 weeks and I am proud to say I have rarely thought about it. Yes I have thought about it, but I believe that the fact that I have not acted on it is great. I have been trying to recover for months now, and the longest I have gone without self-harming was 2 months. Something that has really helped me accomplish 3 weeks is my friends. Recently I have been hanging out with them often and that helps because it takes my mind off of it and they make me happy. So don’t isolate yourself, because I used to do that and honestly it just made it worse.