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On My Way

5 years.. That’s how long I struggled. From 7th grade all the way to 11th grade. My friends only knew about my cutting in 7th and 8th grade, but it continued well past that, clearly. It was an on and off thing where I’d go months without cutting, only to loose control again.. But, as my senior year approaches (something I never imagined living to see), I’m thankful that I’m still alive and, with the help of a very close friend, I am on my way to recovery.

don’t think you can stop? THINK AGAIN!!!

… one day i relized it got very serious and told my best friend. she talked to me and tried to help. at first i thought she hated me for it. i learned she was just worried. she got me to tell a youth leader and then i eventaully told my parents. it was the scariest part! they were very understanding. i know that can be a scary part but it turned out to be the easiest! they talked to me and i was put in counciling. my counciler was so kind and understanding it was amazing. due to these steps, today on july 13th 2012 it has been 88 days since i last cut. i urge all the time but am able to fight. i know it sound scary to tell a a friend or parent but it will help…. i am telling you that you can stop and you can do this. you are not alone….

Life after SI

I used to think I couldnt stop that I’d always SI. With the help of a good friend and my counsellor I learned I could overcome SI. It wasnt easy…trust me…it was really tough at times and I had times when I’d do it again…but thats normal. Everyone has setbacks. But you can do it. You can beat this. WE can all beat this…best wishes to u all! xo