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Keep a safety box

i keep a little safety box in my room with a bunch of things I do can when I get an urge. Mine has pencils, crayons, paper, music, pens, a list of friends phone numbers, a stress ball, lotion, glue, glitter, and a ton of other crafts. Doing crafts really helps me a ton, so does drawing or writing. I think anyone could make their own box with their own stuff…you just have to find what works for you…but give it a try. It really helps me and gives me hope I will break this cycle.


I’ve started to keep a journal to write down how I feel. It’s soooooo helpful to just get it out. Whenever I feel sad or when I think about burning agin, I just write and write…after a bit of time I don’t want to do it anymore…just thought Id share. xoxox

Exercise helped me!

So, I know we all have our own things that help us but for me I found that exercise helped. Whenever I had an urge I just got up and did something…pushups, sit ups, running..I even used my stairs lol…just moving around helped…I now run a few times a week and find it really helps my mood. Just thought Id share…maybe it will help…just remeber u can stop!

U can cope

It may not seem like it, but there are ways to cope and not give in with the urge! I’m not sayin’ it’s easy but u can do it! Do anything else…draw, paint, blast some music, call a friend, go for a run, jump up and down, do anythng…u can do it…trust me, u can overcome this!


Sometimes writing things out on paper can help to get the feelings out. Try doing that instead of self-injuring if you can. OR, try talking to someone you trust…i would suggest someone in person or on the phone if you can! It helped me! Good luck, hand in there 🙂

Getting through the urge

This sounds kinda silly but a new technique that I seem to have adopted when trying to fight the urge to self-harm, is to just consciously tell my brain how silly and un-safe it is. I’m so using it now, that it’s almost like 2nd nature to automatically just think in my brain that that is what I’m going to do…but if I take a just a second to slow down and just tell myself that it’s un-safe, then it gives me time to calm myself and tell myself that it will be ok…that I will be ok… and that I can get through the urge.

Ur not alone!!

I think I understand what ur going through. Ur NOT alone. Ur NOT crazy, many ppl feel like this. I think talking 2 someone is a good way to start and u should try and go out and do activities u like to do…maybe even try something new. I can’t say I know the answer, I’m taking an anti-deppresant too, but never give up and always keep trying. whenever u want to cut urself – STOP by saying that the pain won’t get rid of the problem and instead try distracting urself with something else-a sport, music, calling a friend, running, etc.

I dont know if any of this will help but just hang in there.

Opening up

Opening up can be really scary sometimes…trust me! But honestly, it can do you the WORLD of good… even if it’s just to have a bit of a rant about something that seems so silly or insignificant. It releases a whole world of emotions, and ultimately makes u feel better inside. None of us on here will judge you for the way you feel, so if you feel the need to or urge to cut, please talk to someone. I dont know if any of this will help but just hang in there!!!

Do it for you

Take all of the energy that was going into SI and put it into something else, something that you can put your whole self into. It doesn’t have to be just one thing; I’ve written poetry, beaded necklaces, and gotten lost in books. Whatever it is, do it just for you and nobody else, I mean, if other people like it, that’s great, but it has to be about you.

I find Yoga helps! :)

I found that yoga helps. I go to yoga a few times a week and each time I feel so much calmer. It’s weird because I think it makes me feel better overall so I don’t have as many urges 🙂