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what you are

you’re not crazy. thinking you think you are fearful. is what you are.
lets get rid of them, the voices in your head. together. forevermore you will be lovely.
outside is beautiful. inside is beautiful. all of you is simply perfect. perfectly perfect.
that’s what you are

Never Alone

There is always someoe out there trying to help. You just have to open yourself to realize that self harm is a problem, that you need help. You’re never alone.

Fight every single day

I’ve been in recovery for almost 7 months now,and I’m proud of myself. No one around me really understands how hard it is not to want to hurt myself, but I fight every single day. The road to recovery has been anything but easy but I’m still walking and I hope to eventually make it all the way there.

I. Will. Stop.

Currently I am trying to stop self-injuring. I will stop. It takes a while, and so much determination and willpower, but eventually, I. Will. Stop.

and so will you.

I find Yoga helps! :)

I found that yoga helps. I go to yoga a few times a week and each time I feel so much calmer. It’s weird because I think it makes me feel better overall so I don’t have as many urges 🙂

You can be free of SI!

I used to think I would always SI…that I couldnt stop it. I was wrong. So wrong. It starts with telling someone u can trust…and then it takes a lot of work, but from someone who went thru this, I can say its worth it…u can get over this…u can recover…u can be free! Hang in there…u can do it!

You can get through this!

Make a pact with a close friend or family member, someone you trust. Because you hurt them when you hurt yourself. I know it doesn’t always seem like anyone cares about you. But I do, even though I don’t know you, I care, and I do not want to see you hurt yourself. You CAN get through this. I know you can.

I’m getting better

I’m getting better. Having not cut for 3 months is a big deal for me. I do miss my razor sometimes but then I look at how misruble it made. How it made things worse. I’m not happy yet but I have to say I am not that depressed as I used to be. If you are a person reading this who SI’s, know it gets better. It takes time. It isn’t going to be easy, but stay strong. If I could do it you can too. Best of luck to everyone who wants and is getting better. I really wish all the best for you!!

Write about how you feel

I’ve started to keep a journal to write down how I feel. It’s soooooo helpful to just get it out. Whenever I feel sad or when I think about burning agin, I just write and write…after a bit of time I don’t want to do it anymore…just thought Id share. xoxox

I remember

There is such a terrible stigma around self-injury, because so many people do not understand it – but I do, and there are a lot of us who do. You are not alone. I began engaging in self-injury when I was 15 years-old. I wanted to stop the emotional pain, and the physical pain was not only a distraction, but it provided me with immediate relief. However, the relief was only temporary and did not allow me to deal with my problems in an effective manner. I continued to harm myself for 9 more years as a way of coping, and finally got the help I needed years later. I am happy to say that I have not harmed myself in over 5 years, and can’t even imagine ever thinking of doing so again. There is always hope, for every single one of us, and we can overcome this together!