4 thoughts on “My self-harm story in one quote”

  1. My name os Diana, I have 29 years old. I began cutting myself when I was just 12. Self harm was the only way, the only “escape” to my inner conflicts, mental issues like OCD and eating disorder. I hated myself, it was the huge relief, but as time went by, the other issues grew and grew and I hated myself even more and more. I did it as an “emotional pain killer”, but after that, the suicide attempts came. It was terrible. On the other hand, as years passed, I began to injure myself not only bu cutting my wrists and arms with a razor, but injecting cocaine with huge needles to harmyself even more. It was HELL. Cutting, inyecting..the last time I did it, I almost died. Thanks to God and therapy, I am alive. My whole life right now is a miracle. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and O see things through a different perspective. Where I had the scars, I got a beautiful tattoo and promised myself not to do it again. Sometimes when everything becomes like black and I am realy desperate the idea comes to my mind, but keeping myself in other stuff and talking to someone about it, realy realy helps. If I could make it, why not??

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