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I self-harmed for 5 years

I self-harmed for 5 years because people told me i was worthless and told me to die.. ect., I wouldn’t tell my parents or even my friends. I was so scare that they would judge me , 9th grade I finally told two of my good friends and they told the school. The school called my parents and i got in trouble, they took away everything  and they were mad at me , it made me cut more. I tried to kill myself i thought it would make everything better but trust me it didn’t. I went to the hospital stayed in there for weeks all my friends were scared and thought I died. Its been 1 year since i cut and I’m proud of myself. Just remember if someone tells you your worthless  your not your worth a lot. People care about you don’t forget that so many people out there love you. If your cutting or depressed please tell someone I promise getting help is so much better then holding your feelings in!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I think self-harm scares many people and they can react…poorly. One of the hardest things I’ve done is tell my mom about it. Sure, I was afraid of how she may react, but what made it hard was being in the midst of depression and self-harm while trying to teach her about it. I think I had reassure her more than she did me! Fortunately for me, she’s pretty understanding.

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