Falling Rain

don’t let the storm win

“When life comes at you like a storm and you think all hope is lost, do not let the waves keep you down. Though it may feel like you will drown, I am waiting for you to resurface that I might take you home.” — We are caught up in a storm and are being thrown around by the waves. We feel like we will drown at any moment. But…someone is ALWAYS there to help. There is someone out there that wants to help and there is someone out there going through the same things as you. You may feel alone, but there is always someone there to take your hand and pull you out of the water. You may not be out of the storm, but you will be in a boat with someone who will ride the waves with you, and never let go of your hand. You are not alone. Don’t give up. Do not let the storm win. Stay strong.

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