Blooming flowers in late summer garden flowerbeds

believe in yourself

If you’re feeling especially incomplete, hollow, please don’t cut. Or burn. Write a poem, draw a picture. Talk to a friend, or talk to a piece of paper (metaphor-write on it lawl). Write a letter to somebody who made you upset or who you think is beautiful and talented and might not get the praise he/she deserves…it doesn’t matter if you’ll never end up sending it. It’ll relieve some stress and/or the urge to self-injure. Keep your head up. Don’t let people push you around. Be who you are. Do what you love to do. Love yourself, and know that you’re ultimately a strong, lovable, and wonderful person. I believe in you. I love you. And, together, we can overcome this insanely difficult time in our lives. Trust me, I’ve been there. Honestly? I AM there, right now. Believe in yourself.

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